Underexposed Film Grain for Effect

Episode #3 of Flirting with Film: “Underexposed Film Grain for Effect.”  I shoot a roll of Kodak Portra 800 in low-light conditions in order to maximize on grain.  Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you can be updated when new videos come out.


neg-thinAbove:  Notice the thin area of this negative (shadow). Although there is still usable information in this area, as you lighten it up, either in the darkroom or digitally, you’ll see an increase in film grain.

neg-normThis negative features more density on the camera-side of the subject and will result in less grain.

a2 a4 a3

See the video for more BTS and images.

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Hi Ed great stuff and I am delighted to know someone from the old days of film, I am a film fan and yet to be convinced that digital can compete with film for quality and skin tones. Great photos and a great girl. Sadly I have given up my old film stuff save for my Pentax K 1000 that I use for training.

On another note I sent you a digital file as you requested that had an extraordinary amount of pixleation. Have you managed to view it yet?

I would be grateful for your comments as this problem is something I must put to bed.

Thanks Ed

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