The Store: Photography Education

eBooks by Ed Verosky

Close-Up & Macro Photography Learn how to create amazing close-up & macro images on any budget.

100% Reliable Flash Photography Create high-quality flash images with minimal gear. Anytime, anywhere. Best seller!

DSLR: The Basics Fully grasp the fundamental concepts of photography. If you want to progress as a photographer, these are the things you MUST know.

Successful Photo Shoots Behind-the-Scenes Advice on How To Get Your Best Shots.

Boudoir Photography Quick-Start Guide for Professional Photographers.

Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level, Vol. I Read this and start doing your BEST WORK now.

Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level, Vol. II Bringing the most out of your subjects.

eBooks & Courses by Other Popular Authors

Portraits: After the Shot. A terrific guide to working with your images. Available as part of a money-saving bundle.

Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day by Julia Kuzmenko McKim.

Photoshop Artistry Course – Grunge, Texturing, Composites. This is the BEST course I've seen on creating artistic composite images with simple Photoshop tools. Absolutely incredible!

Photography Courses offered by Neil van Niekerk and others at Craftsy.

Photography Masterclass is the massive course that makes learning DSLR photography easy, and FAST. Click for DISCOUNT and full description.

Dramatic Lighting
Lighting guide w/diagrams, gear descriptions with Playboy Centerfold Coxy.

Fashion Like Nude & Glamour Poses I
Mix Glamour & freestyle fashion-like poses without restrictions.

Fashion Like Nude & Freeflow Poses II
Sexy, professional poses full of emotion. It's your story!

Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling Direct your model for more effective and natural-looking expressions.

Essential Glamour Poses Vol. 1
Sexy, compelling & easy to apply Glamour poses.

Implied Nude Poses Vol. 1
Sexy, sensual and provocative poses for implied shots.