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Master Photoshop, Artistic Compositions


  The Photoshop course I started taking a few months ago is still paying off dividends.  As I’ve said previously, it is hands-down, the BEST creative Photoshop course I’ve tried. I’m finding new uses for images that go back several years, as well as some that I’ve recently taken.  The images above show quick and… Read more »

Photoshop Artistry Gallery Event


  The people behind the Photoshop Artistry Fine-Art Grunge course (a big hit with a lot of our readers), have announced a gallery event, LIGHT: Changing the Way We Consume Art, to be held March 28th through May 4th, 2014, at Hraben House / 3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which will coincide with the… Read more »

Photoshop Post-Processing Clip


Over Ed’s Shoulder Video Clip:  Post-Processing “Figure in Tulle.” There were a lot of things I liked about this image, but as usual, a few things I thought could use some improvement.  This video clip shows you in under 3 minutes what took about 15 minutes to produce.  Main goals here: Enhance the breast area… Read more »

Photoshop Canvas Art


The other day I placed an on-line order with for a couple of canvases. I ordered a 16×20 and a 20×30 (thin wrap style, but there are several other options) and they just arrived. Thumbs-up to them for a painless ordering process, good packaging (see video below), and quality work. These pieces were actually… Read more »

Photoshop Artistry Course Just Got Better


  First off, this photo (above) is something I created just today!  I’ve just completed Module 3 of the Photoshop course I told you about previously.  It’s called, Photoshop Artistry: Fine-Art Grunge Composition and it is hands-down, the BEST creative Photoshop course I’ve tried.  I used some of the new techniques I’ve learned to put… Read more »

Fine-Art with Photoshop #2


Here is my second art piece as a student of the new Fine-Art Photoshop course I’ve been taking.  I’m getting many emails from people who’ve started taking the course and the response has been extremely positive.  Yes, I’ve known how to use Photoshop for years, but never really applied it to images like I’m doing… Read more »

Creating Canvas-Quality Art


If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I’ve been taking a new online course in Fine-Art Photoshop techniques.  I haven’t gotten though 1/3 of it yet, but I’m already starting to get the idea of what is possible, even for a guy like me who’s generally more interested in straight photography than composite work… Read more »

Getting Artistic With Photoshop


I recently began taking Sebastian Michaels’ new course, on Fine-Art Grunge Photoshop, and am already very impressed.  When I started taking the course, I was expecting to see a series of simple how-to videos, but the course goes beyond that.  I asked Michaels to talk about his approach, and the approach he wants his students… Read more »

New Photoshop Course


I just started taking this new Photoshop course called, Fine Art Grunge.  I’m going to update here as I progress through the course.  If you want to join me…  Check it out here >> UPDATE ONE:  Getting Artistic With Photoshop.  Interview with the course author. UPDATE TWO:  Creating Canvas Art with Photoshop.  See my progress… Read more »