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Video Interview: Neil van Niekerk

  Check out this new interview with Neil van Niekerk, NJ/NYC-based photographer, author, and educator.  Great advice in this Q&A. Neil dropped by the studio and answered a few questions about his work, what aspiring photographers should know, and how to move forward with your photography;  never stop learning.


What Would You Add to Your Kit? What Would You Switch Out?

  I asked our Facebook group members what camera, format, lighting, etc. they’d most love to add to their kit, or switch to?  Many of us think alike.  I was surprised to see so many interested in medium format.  There’s also plenty of interest in the new mirrorless systems from the likes of Fuji and […]


HPRC and Pelican Cases: A Comparison

I give you my personal take on HPRC vs. Pelican cases for everyday use.  This is not a compilation of scientific impact resistance tests or a review of how well these withstand the most brutal conditions.  Instead, I talk about what I like about these cases and how they’ve worked for me on the punishing […]


Five Must-Read Photography Sites

As a teacher and blogger of photography, I like to keep up with (and often contribute to) other sites as often as possible.  I wanted to tell you about some of them today.  Here are five highly relevant photography sites that every aspiring photographer should have in their bookmarks.  I work closely with three of […]


Photoshop Canvas Art

The other day I placed an on-line order with CanvasOnDemand.com for a couple of canvases. I ordered a 16×20 and a 20×30 (thin wrap style, but there are several other options) and they just arrived. Thumbs-up to them for a painless ordering process, good packaging (see video below), and quality work. These pieces were actually […]


Sony A7 and Sony A7R Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Cameras

B&H Photo just sent out the announcement about the new FULL-FRAME Sony digital cameras.  Check them out for yourself here: Sony A7 Digital Camera (24MP) $1,698 Available for Pre-Order   Sony A7R Digital Camera (36MP) $2,298 Available for Pre-Order       Sony A7 Digital Camera with 28-70mm Lens $1,998 Available for Pre-Order     […]


Great Predictions in Photography: Or Stuff You Already Knew Was Coming

I remember when Syl Arena proclaimed that “Still Photography is Dead.”  He got all excited about how DSLRs where suddenly capable of shooting quality video, fell in love, thought no one would buy or look at stills anymore (at least that’s how I understood it at the time, but maybe he didn’t really mean it […]


Austin Punk Rock 1982

So, yeah, Punk was alive and well in Austin, Texas in 1982.  I was 16 when I left home on my own little adventure and one of the first things I did was head to 6th Street’s Ritz theater to embed myself into the gritty scene.  My camera was my ticket to any kind of […]


Shooting to a Personal Theme

Le Carrousel at Bryant Park Do you find yourself frequently taking photos, even simple snapshots, of a certain type of subject?  Maybe you’re doing it and not even aware of a pattern.  For whatever reason, I started creating my own collection of vending machine and arcade ride images some time ago.  Here in New York, […]


Photoshop Patch Tool Demo

I’ve seen a few questions lately, about fixing tan lines.  I guess that’s going to happen during the summer months.  So, I decided to show you a quick and easy way to fix tan lines and other skin/color issues using Photoshop’s Patch tool.  There are other ways to do this, of course, but this is […]