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Should Photographers Produce Limited Editions?


In this guest post by Andrew Stearns, he asks us to think about the medium of photography and our ability as artists to widely replicate and distribute our work. Specifically, he wants us to question the practice of limited editions where photographic fine art is concerned. When you start thinking about producing your photographic images… Read more »

Minimize Your Competition

From my newsletter: Seems like everyone’s a photographer now. The competition is fierce. Looking for some photography marketing tips? If your goal is to do the type work that seems to be selling right now, and to have a website and portfolio that looks like everyone else’s in your marketplace, then that’s who you’re competing… Read more »

Stealing Photos


Oh, man.  It’s happened again.  Stacie Frazier is no stranger to having her photos used without permission in boudoir Groupon ads.  Yesterday, someone called her attention to the latest offender.  But it’s only one of several new incidents I’ve picked up on in the last several days. Stealing photos has become so common, and it’s… Read more »

Buy Real Art, or Make Your Own


My wife and I were strolling through Bryant Park the other evening, on the hunt for a Christmas gift for our daughter.  Every year, the park is transformed into a “Holiday Village,” complete with ice skating rink, giant Christmas tree, and over one-hundred vendors selling everything from food to arts and crafts.  It’s so much… Read more »

Moving Forward with Your Photography: Helping Others Do the Same


[This was a segment in my newsletter today.  My enthusiasm sometimes overpowers my typing and editing skills, so there were just a couple of typos in the e-mailed copy, which I've corrected here.  Even if few others noticed, I did.  Hopefully I've caught them all.  I can't make any promises about the grammar. Please feel... Read more »

Unmasking the Solution


I’ve been interested in using masks as props for my images but just a little unsure about how to make something like that work.  On the one hand, a mask hides the face and expression, which is not really something I’m interested in.  On the other hand, it can help create a feeling of anonymity… Read more »

What Terry Richardson Can Teach You About Style


Lots of talk in the last several days about photography bad-boy, Terry Richardson and his collaborations with pop star, Miley Cyrus.  Since the singer’s twerked-out performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s), the release of the Richardson-directed Wrecking Ball video, and several raunchy photos shot and posted by Richardson, there’s been a growing outrage… Read more »

Good Links


  Photos, Like Life, Blurred and Re-Envisioned:  After a brain injury, Brian Nice started to see the world differently. My Point of View:  Brian’s blog.