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Guide to Flash Photography


Flash photography should be easy… I mean, second-nature, do-it-without-thinking easy. So why isn’t it? Here are some of the top things a lot of people are struggling with: 1)  Outdoor flash that looks too “flashy” or unnatural. 2)  Backgrounds that are too dark. 3)  Can’t seem to get a good white background effect. 4)  Just… Read more »

Off-Camera Flash Radio Triggers and i-TTL, E-TTL


I want to address a type of question that comes up every now and then regarding off-camera flash radio triggers.  Variations on this question seem to stem from a misunderstanding (or lack of understanding) about how flash exposure works at a basic level vs. how automatic flash works with systems like Canon’s E-TTL II and… Read more »

How To Set up a Softbox


  The first time I tried to figure out how to set up a softbox, I was lost.  I made this for people who find themselves in that position. Featured: Photoflex LiteDome Q3-9 Lastolite Ezbox Hotshoe Softbox Alien Bees B800 Canon 580EX II

On-Camera Fill Flash


In this video, I provide a quick overview of on-camera fill flash for outdoor portraiture.  I know that using your flash on the hot shoe isn’t the sexiest technique in the world, but sometimes it’s the best way to go, especially for things like outdoor event shots, where things are moving quickly and conditions aren’t… Read more »

Alien Bees Features and Controls

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.23.05 PM

Here’s a quick look at the Alien Bees strobe unit.  See some behind-the-scenes shots here and here.  The manual is available from Paul C. Bluff.

Light Dropoff for Darker Backgrounds


A reader wrote to me to ask about light drop-off when using umbrellas as described in my ebook, 100% Reliable Flash Photography. Although the topic of drop-off isn’t really covered in the book, it’s a good one to discuss. The question had to do with how I was able to avoid lighting up much of… Read more »

Video: Creating Background Color with Gels and Flash

Here’s a new video tutorial from the Photography in 3 Minutes series.  In this episode, I demonstrate how to quickly create a colored background and avoid contaminating it with the main light used on your subject.  Model:  Danielle

Shower Curtain Lighting


  If you’ve gotten a copy of my latest eBook, 15 Photo Projects That Will Boost Your Creativity, you’ll remember the illustration on the top left (two umbrellas) as one of the ways I describe how to create a high key ethereal portrait (Project #9 in the book). Here’s another way you can do this;… Read more »

Video: Color Temperature and White Balance

Here’s a quick explanation about how color temperature affects our images and how to adjust for it with white balance.  Check out the other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel for updates.

Flash and Ambient Ghosting

Kimberly Freeman of the band, One-Eyed Doll, "ghosted" in image taken at a house party.

  A discussion on mixing flash with ambient light came up on our Facebook group earlier today which included a question about how to prevent ghosting (where there appears to be a residual echo or shadow of the subject alongside the exposure created by the flash).  I thought I’d share some of my response here:… Read more »