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One-Light and V-Flat Reflector

An artist friend of mine, Allyson Lipkin, dropped by the studio the other day and we did a very quick shoot that resulted in several shots I’m very happy with. The entire shoot was done with a single Alien Bees B800 and a shoot-through umbrella. So, the one-light magic strikes again. But is it really […]


Mixing Flash and Natural Backlighting

I demonstrate mixing flash with natural backlighting for hair and rim lighting effects.  


Video: On-Camera Fill Flash

In this video, I provide a quick overview of on-camera fill flash for outdoor portraiture.  I know that using your flash on the hot shoe isn’t the sexiest technique in the world, but sometimes it’s the best way to go, especially for things like outdoor event shots, where things are moving quickly and conditions aren’t […]


Video Q&A #1

Photography Q&A.  Question:  What is the best portable gear for environmental portraits? Would speedlights be enough?


Noir In Color

The Film Noir and Femme Fatale looks are personal favorites.  For those shots, I often try to drop down that polished digital look in favor of the look of grain and/or chemically processed color.  B/W and sepia tones add a little mystery, too. But recently, I opted for a straight-up shot where the feel was […]

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Alien Bees Features and Controls

Here’s a quick look at the Alien Bees strobe unit.  See some behind-the-scenes shots here and here.  The manual is available from Paul C. Bluff.


Light Dropoff for Darker Backgrounds

A reader wrote to me to ask about light drop-off when using umbrellas as described in my ebook, 100% Reliable Flash Photography. Although the topic of drop-off isn’t really covered in the book, it’s a good one to discuss. The question had to do with how I was able to avoid lighting up much of […]

Video: Creating Background Color with Gels and Flash

Here’s a new video tutorial from the Photography in 3 Minutes series.  In this episode, I demonstrate how to quickly create a colored background and avoid contaminating it with the main light used on your subject.  Model:  Danielle


Shower Curtain Lighting

  If you’ve gotten a copy of my latest eBook, 15 Photo Projects That Will Boost Your Creativity, you’ll remember the illustration on the top left (two umbrellas) as one of the ways I describe how to create a high key ethereal portrait (Project #9 in the book). Here’s another way you can do this; […]

Video: Color Temperature and White Balance

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-GF7E6-T9k&hd=1 Here’s a quick explanation about how color temperature affects our images and how to adjust for it with white balance.  Check out the other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel for updates.