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Interview with a Model: Cat RoPo

Cat RoPo is a freelance model working in the New York City area. Having worked with Cat a few times, I thought she’d be able to offer some great advice and insight from a model’s perspective.  In this interview, among other topics, we talk about what some models look for when deciding on who to […]


Working with White Balance

The following question came to me recently, so I thought I’d answer it here: Q:  I have a few questions/misunderstandings about white balance (WB) and how to set it as close as possible in camera settings. I know it may be difficult to set perfect WB, but setting a proper WB can be confusing for […]


Video: On-Camera Fill Flash

In this video, I provide a quick overview of on-camera fill flash for outdoor portraiture.  I know that using your flash on the hot shoe isn’t the sexiest technique in the world, but sometimes it’s the best way to go, especially for things like outdoor event shots, where things are moving quickly and conditions aren’t […]


Good Backgrounds Are Everywhere

Do you need an exciting location to make great people photos?  Not really.  As a matter of fact, the more “location” you put in the shot, the less emphasis you’re going to have on the person featured in it.  Sometimes that’s okay, because sometimes the story is not just about the person, but also about […]


Best Photography Instruction of 2013

The following is a list of the most popular learning resources for photographers we offered this year.  All in one convenient place, so you can check each one out with a simple click. Photography Series and Courses Steele Training Videos: Phil Steele brings you Photoshop Basics for Photographers, How to Shoot Professional Looking Headshots and […]

Clamshell Lighting

For this post, I’m pulling something directly from my new eBook, Basic Lighting For Portrait Photography.  This is a small section from the larger chapter on Headshots (Chapter 6) which covers a lot of material that builds upon earlier chapters.  I recommend learning the simple techniques in Chapters 2 and 3 first.  In any case, […]

Window Silhouettes and Exposure Adjustments

A quick example of how a simple exposure adjustment can bring out (or blow out) the detail in a window shot. The image on the left is a longer exposure than the image on the right, allowing more light to build up on the sensor, in this case blowing out the detail in the windows. […]

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New Book: Basic Lighting For Portraits

My new book, Basic Lighting For Portrait Photography, has just been released.  I believe this is an important learning guide for any photographer interested in better lighting.  It’s been designed to quickly walk you through several lessons which will allow you to create sophisticated lighting from day one, and you’ll learn more each step of […]


Light Dropoff for Darker Backgrounds

A reader wrote to me to ask about light drop-off when using umbrellas as described in my ebook, 100% Reliable Flash Photography. Although the topic of drop-off isn’t really covered in the book, it’s a good one to discuss. The question had to do with how I was able to avoid lighting up much of […]

Video: Creating Background Color with Gels and Flash

Here’s a new video tutorial from the Photography in 3 Minutes series.  In this episode, I demonstrate how to quickly create a colored background and avoid contaminating it with the main light used on your subject.  Model:  Danielle