Podcast Video #28: Snapseed

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Podcast on Video:

In this episode, we cover that super-cool app from Nik Software, Snapseed.  We’re joined by Joseph Ferreira. Subscribe to download our podcasts on iTunes.

Check out the video and images for this episode and all podcasts at:  YouTube

What we talk about:

  • iPhone photography
  • Snapseed
  • Canon, Nikon new platforms

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Images from the podcast.  To follow along, with the discussion, check out the video at YouTube.



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Speaking of “instagram on my DSLR”, yes there is the Canon 6D with wifi built in… but you can just pick up a $30 Eye-Fi card for any SD compatible camera! No need to spend $2000 on a new DSLR for that feature. Install the free Eye-Fi app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Laptop and instantly share it out wherever you want via whatever app you want. Since it has been around for a couple of years now, I’m more comfortable using it and their apps instead of whatever yet-to-be released Canon software comes out. You can also do selective transfer by only sending out the images you “Protect” as read-only (easier to do with Nikon). In a 5D3, I’d suggest writing RAW to the CF and JPEG to the SD for instant wireless “tethering”. You can also try a SD to CF adapter card for your Canon DSLR like Lee Morris from FStoppers did.

There is also the Samsung Galaxy camera that runs Android. http://www.samsung.com/in/promotions/galaxycamera/

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