Podcast #30: Wedding Photography Tips with Neil van Niekerk

Podcast (Audio only):


Podcast on Video:

Interview with Neil van Niekerk, a photographer and photography book author who works in and around the NYC area. Lots of example photos in this video. Subscribe to download our podcasts on iTunes.

Check out the video and images for this episode and all podcasts at:  YouTube

What we talk about:

  • Wedding photography workflow
  • Best practices for avoiding problems
  • What makes a good second shooter

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Neil really is the best. Not only is he a great shooter, but he constantly shares his secrets to success. On B+H, on podcasts, in his own website – the man is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for leading this awesome podcast. How do you feel about other people sharing the podcast with the world? – either way, great stuff. Just discovered your blog recently. Thanks a lot! Cheers – Josh

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