Photoshop Artistry Gallery Event

Two pieces I produced for myself which are currently displayed on my office wall.


The people behind the Photoshop Artistry Fine-Art Grunge course (a big hit with a lot of our readers), have announced a gallery event, LIGHT: Changing the Way We Consume Art, to be held March 28th through May 4th, 2014, at Hraben House / 3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which will coincide with the Ft. Wayne Gallery Walk on April 11.

Says Sebastian Michaels of the course, “A whole bunch of my students submitted their work, and 25 were chosen to display 2 canvases apiece.  We already have three canvases sold at $300 each (one by Elmira Tissenko, one by Melissa Weber, and one by James Bethanis).  I just let them know today.  They’ve gotta be excited!”

To see some of what the course students have submitted, check out their archive area.

Go to Photoshop Artistry to find out more about this exciting and well-received course.  I highly recommend it.


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One Comment

jon miller

Ed, I paid and took the course and I will say it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. The course was so well done I go over parts of it everyday and then re-watch the videos to re freshen. Sebastian has to be the best Photoshop instructor I’ve run across in a long time.
This was exactly what I was looking for and I have spent hundreds of $$$ on books that have maybe 1 example or if you’re lucky 1 chapter devoted to the subject…
Well done to both of you.

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