New Photography Magazine, The LIGHT Side Digest


Ian Pack and friends have just released the first issue of The LIGHT Side Digest.  The eMagazine features some of the most useful content as contributed to the popular, The LIGHT Side photography group on Facebook.  It’s available now as a free download from Pack’s website, and contains several good articles on lighting and studio… Read more »

New Course Offered: Selections, Channels, and Masks


Being good at Photoshop is one of the most important skills you need as a photographer. Most of us know just enough to get by, and it often shows. Things like simple retouching and composite work might okay up to a point, and then you hit a wall. It starts to look sloppy, or you… Read more »

How To Watermark Your Photos


  Watermarking photos, digitally overlaying some conspicuous logo or text onto an image to identify it as the work of a particular photographer, can be accomplished any number of ways.  It is after all, just pixel editing.  Here, I’m going to discuss several ways to add identifying info to your images: Embedded Copyright Information If… Read more »

Roger Ballen and Die Antwoord, Art and Music

Spend too much time in the traditional, commercial photography ecosystem, and you might think that the only good photography, the only real photography, is what you see in a given photo enthusiast Facebook group or photographers’ message board. Deconstructing lighting and composition, or arguing over which lenses make the most sense for portrait shoots or… Read more »

Common Portrait Lighting Mistakes


Here is a quick list of several common portrait lighting mistakes that beginners, and even pros, often make.  Why are they mistakes?  Because the goal of most portraiture is to depict the subject in a flattering, or at the very least, recognizable, way.  When there’s a problem with lighting or technique, you’ll often get just… Read more »

Mamiya C3


Episode #4 of Flirting with Film: “Mamiya C3.” I give an overview of the Mamiya C3 Twin Lens Reflex medium format camera. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can be updated when new videos come out.

Macro Photography Tips with Ryan Morris

Figure 8.  50mm @ f/1.8, ISO 1600, on-camera flash with diffuser.

Ryan Morris is a photographer and close-up and macro photography enthusiast.  Being an admirer of his work, as well as his no-nonsense approach, I asked him a few questions about his technique.  Here are some of his close-up and macro photography tips: EV:  How long have you been shooting close-up and macro? RM:  I have… Read more »