Noir In Color

The Film Noir and Femme Fatale looks are personal favorites.  For those shots, I often try to drop down that polished digital look in favor of the look of grain and/or chemically processed color.  B/W and sepia tones add a little mystery, too. But recently, I opted for a straight-up shot where the feel was created in-camera.


I used a couple of Alien Bees with only the standard reflectors attached.  And some flat “V” cards/panels (black side) to flag and direct the light as well as fake a sense of “environment” in an otherwise white, natural light-filled room.  Below is the general idea of the setup I used.


Strobe output settings were adjusted without a flash meter; I setup one light, took a test shot, adjusted and did the same for the other.  In these cases, a flash meter might help, but with a little experience you can get to your desired exposure just as quick using this method.

Here is a B/W version from the set with a little grain added, and a tilt reminiscent of some noir scenes.  This perhaps gives us a slightly more old Hollywood look.



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Debbie Smith

Do you work outside in nature? I do not do studio just nature shots.


Have you done model shoots outdoors and does that mean using less gear?

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