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In an industry that all too often makes empty promises at exorbitant pricing (especially where training is involved); it is so nice to have a resource that provides sound advice, training, and dialogue for what can only be considered a steal at $99 a year! Ed Verosky’s Photography Tutorials and Resources site is nothing short of a goldmine – videos, lighting diagrams, books, newsletter, etc. – AND the content is only made better by Ed’s encouraging tone…indeed it is Ed’s teaching style that not only makes you think you can be a better photographer, but that actually helps you achieve just that!
Lori Maloney
- Bella Faccia Photography

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You Want to Improve Your Photography, But Where Do You Start?

I understand the problem, there are so many sources of information out there; so many self-proclaimed photo gurus, tutorials, websites, books and eBooks, and photo “schools”… it’s hard to know where to start. And you can waste a lot of time and money trying to figure it all out. Sometimes, it’s months before you realize you were learning the wrong things, from the wrong people all along.But I know you love photography as much as I do. And I know that’s what drives you to keep looking for ways to improve. That’s what brought you here. And I’m going to help you get on the right track, starting now. I’ll help you become a better photographer, a more inspired photographer, a more confident photographer. There’s no doubt that in a few weeks, you’ll have skills and techniques under your belt that you don’t have now. These new skills will become invaluable to you and your photography. It took me over 30 years to learn what I’m going to teach you in just a few days.


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All you need is the desire to learn, and solid, effective instruction. I have the BEST eBooks and online photography training you can get. And I believe in you. I know you can become the photographer you want to be. Don’t you want to take this important step and finally take your photography to the next level? Sign up and let’s get started!

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Learn as much as you want, at your own pace. Each course features several web pages of instruction, example images and diagrams, and video clips to help you learn and to inspire you to create you own great photography!

If you’ve struggled with the fundamental concepts of photography, this course is for you. Maybe you’ve heard other photographers talk about shooting in Manual mode, or discussing settings that, quite frankly, seem a little confusing. The good news is that you can finally learn all the fundamentals and put them to work for you. The DSLR Basics course will guide you through the knowledge quickly and easily. Topics covered include: Basic DSLR Camera Features, Understanding Raw vs. JPEG, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, The Fundamentals of Exposure, White Balance, Shooting Modes, Flash Basics, Evaluating & Improving Your Shots. Understanding these features and concepts will help you move to the next level with your photography.
Designed to help photographers consistently create high-quality images with minimal gear. This course is designed to provide pro and semi-pro photographers with a fast, no-nonsense guide for getting amazing light just about anywhere, anytime. This course is about gaining the skill and confidence you need to create great images with the most basic and available lighting sources. The idea is to completely eliminate the stress of not being sure of what to do in a new or fast-moving environment. This makes it a perfect read for wedding, event, editorial, and portrait photographers.
An important learning guide for any photographer interested in better lighting. This course has been designed to quickly walk you through several lessons which will allow you to create sophisticated lighting from day one, and you’ll learn more each step of the way. You can start from anywhere in the course and use any of the setups right away, or go through each section in order, learning a fundamental technique and building upon it as you progress through the course. Each setup, each example adds more to your understanding of professional photographic lighting.
Everything you need to know to get started NOW! Includes professional advice from working Boudoir Photographers. If you’ve ever struggled with how to get started in Boudoir Photography, how to pose effectively, or how to get professional lighting, this course is for you. You’ll learn the most important strategies for successful Boudoir, how to get maximum results from every client, and how to avoid common mistakes. A huge, growing list of the best-selling poses, including examples and video demonstrations to help you create beautiful boudoir shots right away.
If you’re looking for inspiration, direction, and encouragement to create more unique portraiture, this is the guide for you. Take this course and start doing your BEST WORK now. This is an important guide for photographers as part of their on-going efforts to keep learning — and something every photographer should have access to. Experienced working photographers as well as beginners and hobbyists will find it valuable and insightful.
ANYONE can be a better portrait photographer. All you need is some good advice and instruction, and the willingness to work toward it. This is the followup to Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level I. Included are very important lessons and advice about building up your work and bringing the most out of your subjects. But the lessons are not all served up as specific directions to follow, or techniques to practice, much of this course was designed so that you’ll glean what you need from the stories and observations presented. This is like getting Ed Verosky’s in-person advice. Nothing beats learning from your own experience but having a good teacher tell you what they’ve learned over the years can really help you gain knowledge in minutes, what took someone else years to acquire.

Exclusive Videos


Many of the videos are exclusive, and available only to course members. These include videos we can’t show on Youtube, as well as extended, in-depth versions not available anywhere else.

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“I just became a member of Ed Verosky’s new training site and love it! I figured I couldn’t go wrong because I was getting all of his ebooks, but there is so much more (i.e., courses and videos), which are being added to frequently. This will definitely help me to take my photography to that next level so that I can consistently express myself through my images. I also really appreciate his style of teaching–he breaks things down into very practical steps that are easily understood. The videos help reinforce what I am learning as well. Thanks, Ed!” –Kim Puchalski
“I have since read the book from cover to cover, as I could not put it down. It is the missing link between all the portrait books ever published. Your book is not just about posing, but how to approach posing and dealing with non pro models. How to deal with ones own mindset and one can clearly see that the book comes from deep experiences. My mind’s light bulb lit up, on the section about how to approach our photography and finding our style, it just took the weight from my shoulders and I now can move forward as a photographic artist. Your book was such an inspiration that I had to buy two other publications, one on lighting and Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level II. Absolutely brilliant.” –CeeJay Hummel
“Ed Verosky’s new training site is impeccable. It contains all the information a photographer (no matter novice or expert) would want in clear language and with plenty of diagrams, videos, and examples. His books have always been top on my list because I can read them quickly and learn a ton – the training site continues in this vein. I can work one module a day or several a day. I can read an article in the morning and apply the new knowledge immediately. Everything is relevant and current. A true gem and well worth the investment. Ed is incredibly generous with his knowledge and experience and I count myself a better photographer for knowing him.” –Albertine Feurer-Young, Artist | Photographer, Art Of Albertine
“I am not a formally-trained photographer and, dreading to read anything technical, I took a chance on Ed’s website and eBooks. Although I have been shooting for 24 years and I have taught myself the finer points of photography, Ed helped me fill in the gaps and helped me expand my knowledge a little further. Ed Verosky’s website takes the technical out of the technical. Prior to reading his eBooks and watching his videos, I had a very hard time dealing with off-camera photography. I purchased, “100% Reliable Flash Photography” and “Mini-Guide to Off-Camera Flash,” and after completing them, cleared up all the misconceptions I had of off-camera flash. It spoke to me in plain English and was easy to understand. It started a whirlwind affair with his style of teaching. Ed’s approach to teaching is so common place… so easy to understand that I have recommended his eBooks, tutorials and videos to starting photographers. I truly wish I would have learnt of him 24 years ago. He is truly dedicated to showing beginners and professionals the finer points of photography without the snobbery you get from those not willing to help a fellow artist. Ed’s truly a teacher and a scholar and treats everyone as an equal.” –Joé, Photography By Joé
“Ed’s photography resources and tutorials are well-crafted and represent excellent value for the money. And if you benefit from the annual subscription Ed’s wonderful eBooks are included in the price!” –Ian Pack, Commercial Photographer and Educator
“Being a photographer who has had very little in person training, it’s great to find a set of videos that are not only incredibly informative but well-produced. It’s refreshing to find someone who has put just as much thought into the production and audio as they have the content! Thanks for another great video Ed, bite size, to the point and full of info.” –Peter Williams, Commercial Photographer
“I struggled for a long time to understand portraiture lighting. My results were hit and miss and, frankly, I had become intimidated by the technical aspects of working with different people in different environments. I came across Ed’s e-book “100% Reliable Flash Photography”. Ed’s approach to basic portraiture lighting, clear writing style, and a great use of illustrations and images made the nature of light and techniques for controlling it all click in my head. Just as Ed states as his intention in the book, I have used the knowledge and confidence that I gathered applying his concepts as a springboard to even the most adventurous of lighting concepts. Whenever I discuss lighting with a friend that is interested looking to truly understand and begin mastering it, I always send them to Ed’s work as a primer.As I have grown as a photographer, I have bought and consumed all of Ed’s e-books and participated in discussions that he has hosted. Each of these has expanded my confidence and abilities into new areas of our art.Thank you Ed for continuing to share your hard-earned experience and clear love of photography! Hurry up with your next book!” –Mike Thompson, Flash Forward Photography
“Ed, I really can’t tell you how much your 100% Reliable Flash Photography ebook has changed my shooting! I used to be scared to use mounted flash in sunlight but now it’s one of my favorite places to shoot. Your method of Standardization also helped my indoor photography as well. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” –Sara C. Smith, professional photographer
“I love receiving Ed’s newsletters and mini-guides. I learn so much each time it arrives in my inbox Ed always has great tips that are easily read, complete with how-to instructions on portrait lighting, as well as a shopping guide for setting up a reasonable inexpensive studio. I loved that. He is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much Ed.” –Lori Whalen
“Thank you Ed… I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the mini-guide. Your books and news letters on flash photography have helped me immensely. Keep up the great work!” –Frank Angelico
“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I just finished your book, 100% Reliable Flash Photography, and found the information to be excellent. I really liked your simple approach for indoor and outdoor modes and I tried your two light setup with my softboxes and loved the results I got. You helped clear up a few issues I was having with my lighting. Thanks again.” –Chris Mann
“Ed, I get your newsletter and love it. Great “back to the basics” info, short and sweet. Thanks for sharing.” –Dan Holahan Sr.
“Just a quick note of thanks for your news letters and ebooks which I’ve purchased and enjoyed. You bring great value to those who have subscribed and I appreciate the simple easy to understand methods you use and your approach to sharing and teaching. I’ve learned a lot since following your tutorials.Thanks again and please keep them coming.” –Mark Roszczka

Dramatically Improve Your Photography!

9 eBooks & Bonus Courses Included!

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