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The Photoshop course I started taking a few months ago is still paying off dividends.  As I’ve said previously, it is hands-down, the BEST creative Photoshop course I’ve tried. I’m finding new uses for images that go back several years, as well as some that I’ve recently taken.  The images above show quick and easy, subtle applications of what you can learn in the course (these took about 10 mins. to put together).  The nude on the left was shot in 2009 for a client who wanted an artistic representation of her figure.  She got the basic B/W version because that’s what I had available for her.

Now, I’m thinking, if only I could have presented her with options along the lines of this textured version on a large canvas back then!  Sebastian Michaels’ Photoshop Artistry Course gives you everything you need to create this kind of art piece, including hundreds of MBs of bonus materials (textures, art elements, etc.), info/best practices on how to setup your creations for ordering from online canvas companies, and of course, how to create this amazing art with your photography and Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

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Your Work Presented as Art, It Can Be Profitable!

The second image is a great example of a basic portrait turned into a work of art that could be an album page, print, or beautiful wall canvas piece.  Think senior/grad portrait.  Heck, any portrait elevated with a unique treatment, making it easy for a client to see as a stand-alone wall piece is going to be hard for them to resist.

So, the author of the course, Sebastian Michaels, himself, has contacted me say he can offer my readers a special deal.  I can recommend this course to you in full confidence because several people have written to me about it, thanking me for pointing them to this course.  That tells me they like it as much as I do!

When I first started with this course I put together some very stylistic pieces.  Here was my first attempt using one of the photos now featured in my eBook, Successful Photo Shoots:



A.  Original image (Canon 7D).  B.  Some flowers on a trellis (iPhone).  Applied some Photoshop gallery effects based on advice from one of the lessons, as well as some color/saturation effects.  C.  From the same wall as the flowers (iPhone).  D.  Concrete5 (course-supplied texture).  E.  kk_rien (course-supplied texture).  F.  Wall with graffiti and torn paper (iPhone).  G. Peeled paint (iPhone).  Stretched out the image and desaturated it.

I combined these elements together, using techniques from the course, and started to build a metaphorical story around the original image, based on what I know about the model’s aspirations.



Next, I created this piece:


A.  Original image (Canon 7D).  Duplicated and subtle bas-relief gallery effect added.  Another duplicate was put in later and blended as a color burn.  B.  Concreate4 (course-supplied texture).  Multiply blending mode and 85% opacity. Levels adjust.  C.  Smoke image from my archives.  D.  Bkg2 (course-supplied texture).  E.  Another smoke image from my archives.



And then, decided to try a more commercial image:



The possibilities are endless.  Check it out, you’ll love it.  And if for any reason, it’s not for you, Sebastian Michaels has a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk.  The discount is going on right now, so this is the time to get in on it.  Here’s a little video I made after spending some time with the course late last year:


DISCOUNT:  Order it here >>

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Ed, I just want to say that I paid from the Photoshop Artisty course and I must say it was the best spent money for a course I ever took. Sebastian explains things so well that I’ve been able to finally create images that I have always wanted to do but following his technique just made it so easy.

Thanks for the recommendation to a very well designed course.

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