Interview with a Model: Cat RoPo

Cat RoPo is a freelance model working in the New York City area. Having worked with Cat a few times, I thought she'd be able to offer some great advice and insight from a model's perspective.  In this interview, among other topics, we talk about what some models look for when deciding on who to work with, and what type of photographer they'd rather avoid.

Below are a few of the shots we've created together.

cat1 cat2 cat3 cat4 cat7
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Great interview Ed,with lots of useful tips both for models and photographers. Your pics of Cat are awesome, just as her :-)

Mal Milligan

I’ve been on a half dozen shoots with models and found them (so far) to be quite intelligent and focused. I’m constantly impressed with their ability to understand and sometimes anticipate what I’m looking for in a particular shot. I know there’s someone in there… but on the job I never get a chance to chat and get to know any of them. Good interview Ed – thanks !! Yeah you are a master of lighting Dude !! Very impressive work.

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