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How To Setup a Softbox

  The first time I tried to figure out how to setup a softbox, I was lost.  I made this for people who find themselves in that position. Featured: Photoflex LiteDome Q3-9 Lastolite Ezbox Hotshoe Softbox Alien Bees B800 Canon 580EX II


Interview with a Model: Cat RoPo

Cat RoPo is a freelance model working in the New York City area. Having worked with Cat a few times, I thought she’d be able to offer some great advice and insight from a model’s perspective.  In this interview, among other topics, we talk about what some models look for when deciding on who to […]


Using Hot Lights

Check out the new video posted  in the Members Area about using hot lights instead of flash.  There, I go into detail about the advantages of using hot lights, as well as the problems you might encounter, and how to deal with them.  In the video I demonstrate how I used the Arri 650w Tungsten […]


Mixing Flash and Natural Backlighting

I demonstrate mixing flash with natural backlighting for hair and rim lighting effects.  


Flirting With Film: Episode 2

Episode #2 of my video series, Flirting with Film is now available on my YouTube channel.  Hang out with me as I burn through a roll of medium format in Central Park. Watch me shoot the snowy landscapes and scenery as I slowly lose feeling in my hands and feet.  Make sure to subscribe to […]


Video: White Balance

Here’s a video clip that might help further illustrate some of the points on the previous post, Working with White Balance.


Video Q&A #1

Photography Q&A.  Question:  What is the best portable gear for environmental portraits? Would speedlights be enough?

Good Light Magazine

Good Light Magazine Issue #3 Available

Michael Zelbel’s got a new issue of Good Light Magazine available for download. And I’m featured in a spread that provides a rundown on several of my free video tutorials (including embedded video clips). You can download this latest issue for free as an app for your iPad. I have to say that I was […]

Setting Custom White Balance on Your DSLR

Setting Custom White Balance on Your DSLR.  A follow-up to my Color Temperature & White Balance video.  Check out the other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel for updates.

Video: Color Temperature and White Balance Here’s a quick explanation about how color temperature affects our images and how to adjust for it with white balance.  Check out the other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel for updates.