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Maintain the Portrait Lighting Position


I’ve noticed that many photographers, even those with years of experience shooting portraiture, seem to get lost with their lighting when posing their subjects in new ways. For example, a good family portrait and/or headshot photographer, having recently added Boudoir to their list of services, might suddenly realize they’re in new lighting territory. One common… Read more »

Simple Headshot: Two Lights and a Backdrop


In areas with high concentrations of actors, dancers, and other performers, headshots are the bread and butter for many photographers.  You can easily create a professional-looking studio portrait like the one shown here with minimal lighting.  For this quick example, I placed a Canon 580 EX II on a stand high and to the camera-left… Read more »

High Key Lighting Tutorial


There are many ways to achieve high key lighting and in this tutorial we’re going to cover one of my favorites: the high-key, ethereal look.  Getting this look can be a piece of cake if you keep the basic lighting concept in mind and follow just a few simple tips.  Even with minimal gear, the… Read more »