New eBook: Successful Photo Shoots

My new eBook, Successful Photo Shoots is now available.  This one takes a different approach to teaching.  In this one, I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look into how I deal with the ups and downs of any photo shoot.  Instead of just showing you the final, perfect result and telling you what I did right, […]


How to Deal with Camera Shake

I asked members of my Facebook Group to comment on camera shake (the term used when talking about blurry photos as a result of unsteady shooting).  If you’re like me, you might have noticed that as you’ve gotten a little older, camera shake has gotten a little more noticeable. There are plenty of reasons, other […]


HPRC and Pelican Cases: A Comparison

I give you my personal take on HPRC vs. Pelican cases for everyday use.  This is not a compilation of scientific impact resistance tests or a review of how well these withstand the most brutal conditions.  Instead, I talk about what I like about these cases and how they’ve worked for me on the punishing […]


Interview: JimmyD on Location Flash

Ed Verosky interviews Glamour photographer, lighting expert, and the author of five photography eBooks, JimmyD about his latest offering, Location Flash: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits Combining Natural and Artificial Light. Click the play button below to listen. Note: Logged-in Members will hear the extended version of the interview: Here’s a list of some of […]


Wedding Detail Shots Help Tell The Story

I began shooting weddings nearly 10 years ago.  I have to say, it was sometimes an exciting way to earn a paycheck.  If you’re the type of photographer that likes to make every photo count, and also likes a good challenge, try weddings.  I did and I liked it much of the time.  There’s a […]


Photoshop Artistry Gallery Event

  The people behind the Photoshop Artistry Fine-Art Grunge course (a big hit with a lot of our readers), have announced a gallery event, LIGHT: Changing the Way We Consume Art, to be held March 28th through May 4th, 2014, at Hraben House / 3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which will coincide with the […]


Poll: Fixed or Zoom Lens?

I posed this question in the About Photography Facebook group and I think what surprised me most was the nearly even split.  Certainly, we use the most appropriate lens type for the job, and this was pointed out by those who weren’t too sure about how to answer.  I clarified by suggesting that respondents pick […]


Using Hot Lights

Check out the new video posted  in the Members Area about using hot lights instead of flash.  There, I go into detail about the advantages of using hot lights, as well as the problems you might encounter, and how to deal with them.  In the video I demonstrate how I used the Arri 650w Tungsten […]


Stealing Photos

Oh, man.  It’s happened again.  Stacie Frazier is no stranger to having her photos used without permission in boudoir Groupon ads.  Yesterday, someone called her attention to the latest offender.  But it’s only one of several new incidents I’ve picked up on in the last several days. Stealing photos has become so common, and it’s […]


2013 Year End Wrap-Up

We wrap-up 2013 with a few of Ed’s favorite blog posts and video clips.  New episodes of Photography with Ed Verosky every Thursday!