New Photo Art Course for iPhone and iPad

Perfect for creative photographers. iPhoneography Photo Art Composition by Bob Weil is a workshop-style course that teaches you everything you need to know to create great art on your mobile device. Get This Today for 50% Off! >> I started taking this course yesterday and I’m loving it already.


Night Photography Tips

I received a question about night photography the other day, and thought I’d throw it over to Jeff Kauffman to get his take on it.  I asked if he could provide a few examples and explanations of his process. Here’s what he had to say: The first challenge is getting a proper exposure. The technique […]


Download All Eight Issues of this Photography Magazine, 75% OFF!

Michael Zelbel and his editorial team have decided to celebrate the two year anniversary of Good Light! Magazine with this special offer. As the name suggests, it deals with lighting techniques (most of them using standard flash units).  You get eight big issues loaded with valuable photography tips for only $9.95 (that’s less than $1.25 […]


Simple, Effective Mounting Accessory for Lights, Mics, and Cameras

  Ian Pack, creator of the Gel Clip, has come out with a new gear accessory that might make your next photo shoot a little easier; the 1420 VAL Spigot.  This is a threaded stud connector (like you’d find on the end of a light stand) that is capable of attaching to the end of […]


How To Use Rim Lighting to Separate Subject from Background

Rim lighting is an effective way to visually separate the subject from the background especially when it might be hard to distinguish one from the other because of an intersection of similar tones.  The rim (or kicker) light creates a thin highlight around the edges of the subject, partially outlining her with bright light. A […]

Weekend Notes: Photography Training Deals

I’m bringing you the deals (and end-of-deals) this weekend. If you’re looking for photography training, you’ve come to the right place. Check these out: Secrets of Successful Event Photography: Last chance to save 33% on this amazingly popular course offered by Phil Steele. You’ll learn tons of great tips by watching a library of video […]


Master Photoshop, Artistic Compositions

  The Photoshop course I started taking a few months ago is still paying off dividends.  As I’ve said previously, it is hands-down, the BEST creative Photoshop course I’ve tried. I’m finding new uses for images that go back several years, as well as some that I’ve recently taken.  The images above show quick and […]


Off-Camera Flash: Radio Triggers and i-TTL, E-TTL

I want to address a type of question that comes up every now and then regarding off-camera flash.  Variations on this question seem to stem from a misunderstanding (or lack of understanding) about how flash exposure works at a basic level vs. how automatic flash works with systems like Canon’s E-TTL II and Nikon’s i-TTL/CLS, […]


Learn the Secrets of Successful Event Photography

Virtually every photographer is an event photographer, and we can all stand to learn a few more professional tips about shooting events. Weddings, corporate, fashion, music, parties and even our own family and friends’ events; all events, and all worthy of our best efforts. An associate of mine, Phil Steele, has been working on a […]


ND Filters and How To Use Them

Neutral density filters can be an extremely useful tool for achieving proper exposure under challenging lighting conditions.  In this post, I’m going to introduce ND filters and explain what they’re for and how to use them. What is a neutral density (ND) filter? Essentially, an ND filter allows less light to pass through the lens […]