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David Lykes Keenan and Street Photography

David Lykes Keenan is crowdfunding on Kickstarter for his new book, Fair Witness – Street Photography for the 21st Century. Take a look at his video, which includes some great comments by Eli Reed, for more info.


Sarah Small and the Power of Connections

I talk a lot about how photography gives us the opportunity to connect with the world around us in ways we might not otherwise be able to, or be comfortable with.  NYC-based artist/photographer, Sarah Small found such a connection in her friend and model, Sandy.  Sarah sent out a note today, informing her mailing list […]


Should Photographers Produce Limited Editions?

In this guest post by Andrew Stearns, he asks us to think about the medium of photography and our ability as artists to widely replicate and distribute our work. Specifically, he wants us to question the practice of limited editions where photographic fine art is concerned. When you start thinking about producing your photographic images […]

Minimize Your Competition

From my newsletter: Seems like everyone’s a photographer now. The competition is fierce. And if your goal is to do the type work that seems to be selling right now, and to have a website and portfolio that looks like everyone else’s in your marketplace, then that’s who you’re competing with, everyone else. If you’re […]


The Eye Has to Travel

“The eye has to travel.” — Diana Vreeland. Lighter tones draw the eye’s attention first, darker tones recede. Or so the rule goes. You’ll see where this is used in fashion photography; sometimes the point of an image is to make the model disappear behind a brightly-colored outfit, almost as if she’s not really there. […]


Who Inspires You?

The other day, I posed this question to our Facebook group:  “What iconic photographer’s work inspires you the most right now?”  This, along with the stipulation that we limit our answers to photography’s iconic Masters and leave out the currently popular gurus of the craft. As of this writing, here are the results and some […]


Buy Real Art, or Make Your Own

My wife and I were strolling through Bryant Park the other evening, on the hunt for a Christmas gift for our daughter.  Every year, the park is transformed into a “Holiday Village,” complete with ice skating rink, giant Christmas tree, and over one-hundred vendors selling everything from food to arts and crafts.  It’s so much […]


Moving Forward with Your Photography: Helping Others Do the Same

[This was a segment in my newsletter today.  My enthusiasm sometimes overpowers my typing and editing skills, so there were just a couple of typos in the e-mailed copy, which I've corrected here.  Even if few others noticed, I did.  Hopefully I've caught them all.  I can't make any promises about the grammar. Please feel […]


Great Predictions in Photography: Or Stuff You Already Knew Was Coming

I remember when Syl Arena proclaimed that “Still Photography is Dead.”  He got all excited about how DSLRs where suddenly capable of shooting quality video, fell in love, thought no one would buy or look at stills anymore (at least that’s how I understood it at the time, but maybe he didn’t really mean it […]


Does Everything Have to be Retouched?

Maybe real is beautiful enough.