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Black and White Conversion Techniques for Beginners


We’ve talked about why we love black and white photographs and how some subjects can take on surprising transformations when converted from color to monochrome.  Certainly, most people are capable of using in-camera and editing software features to produce basic monochrome images, but not everyone is adept at more sophisticated black and white conversions.  You… Read more »

Learn Amazing Photoshop Skills


Here’s a great course being offered today at an incredible DISCOUNT price. These premium Photoshop tutorials will take your photos from ordinary to high-impact. Click here for full description. Note:  I announced this course just a few days ago, and it’s already a huge hit with my readers!  Curious about how to improve your images… Read more »

Master Photoshop, Artistic Compositions


DISCOUNT:  Order it here >> The Photoshop course I started taking a few months ago is still paying off dividends.  As I’ve said previously, it is hands-down, the BEST creative Photoshop course I’ve tried. I’m finding new uses for images that go back several years, as well as some that I’ve recently taken.  The images… Read more »

Over-Used Post-processing Techniques


Film, filters, chemical processing, and paper used to be the determining factor in the overall look and texture of an image.  Digital changed all that so long ago that even many of us old pros don’t make the comparisons between the old darkroom and the digital one anymore.  The look of our images is determined… Read more »

Shared (Not Taken) With Instagram

Instagram image shot with iPhone, West Harlem Piers Park

Should you post your DSLR-taken images–or any image not actually shot with your cell phone and the Instagram app–on Instagram?  Ok, so there are two schools of thought on this subject.  One says that the spirit of Instagram’s social image sharing service is being violated by those who post images that aren’t taken with the… Read more »

Black and White Processing Techniques with Guy Tal


Guy Tal has just released his latest eBook, Creative B&W Processing Techniques Using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Though long rooted in traditional chemical processes and techniques, B&W photography today lends itself very well to digital tools, offering the same degree of creative control and quality of results, and in many cases surpassing them with enhanced… Read more »

Andrew Stearns: Circles and Other Abstract Photographs


“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been captivated by the mystery and power of abstract art,” says Andrew Stearns. “There’s just something about it’s fierce independent nature that intrigues me to no end.” Stearns, currently working out of Austin, Texas, has a way of seeing the amazing patterns in everyday life that many of us… Read more »