Photo Talk


Night Photography Tips

I received a question about night photography the other day, and thought I’d throw it over to Jeff Kauffman to get his take on it.  I asked if he could provide a few examples and explanations of his process. Here’s what he had to say: The first challenge in night photography is getting a proper […]

Four Big Photography Mistakes

From my newsletter: Hey, you and I share a love for photography, and I’m pretty sure we both got into it for similar reasons. I mean, being a photographer allows you to express yourself in an immediate way, and it gives you a reason to interact with the world in ways you might otherwise not […]


What Equipment Do I Need to Shoot Weddings?

      One question that pops up pretty often is, “What gear do I need to shoot [fill in the blank]?” In other words, if someone’s planning to do weddings, sports, landscapes, etc., they often want to know what they need to have in their kit. On the one hand, it’s easy enough for […]


What Would You Add to Your Kit? What Would You Switch Out?

  I asked our Facebook group members what camera, format, lighting, etc. they’d most love to add to their kit, or switch to?  Many of us think alike.  I was surprised to see so many interested in medium format.  There’s also plenty of interest in the new mirrorless systems from the likes of Fuji and […]


Holiday Family Photos

Taking family photos this Holiday?  Of course you are!  Here’s a little video with some advice that will help keep you happy and sane when family is in front of your camera.  Lots of common sense stuff, but maybe worth a view.


New Video Series: Photography Q&A

I’m starting a new video series, where I’ll answer viewer-submitted questions about photography.  The videos will be made available on my YouTube channel.  If you have a photography-related question, send it to  I’ll let you know when the answer is posted!


Minolta XG-7 with ProFoto XL 100

Here are the results of my test shoot today with the Minolta XG-7.  This is a 35mm film camera introduced in 1977.  It was the first camera I used for serious photography.  More about that here. This was from a series of shots around my neighborhood on the Upper West Side (Manhattan), taken on Kodak […]

Fire during Hurricane Allen, 1980.

Young Photographers Are Going to Rule

We become photographers for one reason or another. I’d always enjoyed taking snapshots as a child, and when the announcement was made one day at middle-school that they were going to be in need of a photographer, I jumped at the chance. Not as a way to express myself creatively, or contribute something to the […]

Model's choice marked with a red "X."

Models’ Photo Choices vs. Yours

According to several in the About Photography FB group, I’m not the only one who experiences this.  Models will often select, as their favorite shots, something I wouldn’t have picked myself.  This does happen with clients, too.  Once in awhile, a subject and I will share an aesthetic sense and she’ll surprise me.  A kindred […]


Are Photo Competitions a Good Idea?

I’ve always thought of myself as a competitive person.  No, I’m not the kind of guy who turns everything into a race or gets bitter if I don’t win a board game.  For me, the competition has to at least be quantifiable to have a chance at being meaningful.  There has to be a well-defined […]