Promotional: Nude and Adult Photography eBook

Michael Charles has updated his book, SKIN: How to Take Stunning Nude Photos, and I would have to say it’s a great improvement over the previous version.  The book is packed with Charles’ personal advice, experience, and coaching and comes in at over 240 pages.  There are also two smaller bonus books, and a short […]


Shooting With Less Gear Can Be Liberating

I decided to head over to the studio without my lights, modifiers, variety of lenses, PocketWizards and all the rest of the equipment I normally take with me.  I did everything with my 7D and a 50mm lens.  I started doing this every now and then awhile back.  It began as an exercise to help […]

Yesenia by Ed Verosky

Yesenia and The Moving Portrait, Revisited

Yesenia, a favorite model of mine has been participating in several projects over the past year or so with well-known photographers including Nathan Appel and  George Pitts.  She’s also the model on the cover of my book, Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level.  Recently, she posed for an excellent moving portrait clip (vignette) titled, […]


The Nude: Clients and Models Talk About Posing Nude

As photographers, we often put so much emphasis on technique, that we forget to think about a shoot from the perspective of our models and clients.  It’s important for us to remember that, for our subjects, the experience of being in front of the camera can be intimidating.  But, where nude or semi-nude posing is […]