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Austin Punk Rock 1982


So, yeah, Punk was alive and well in Austin, Texas in 1982.  I was 16 when I left home on my own little adventure and one of the first things I did was head to 6th Street’s Ritz theater to embed myself into the gritty scene.  My camera was my ticket to any kind of… Read more »

Suzanna Choffel on The Voice

Suzanna Choffel

My friend Suzanna Choffel appeared on NBC’s The Voice tonight!  As of today, she’s on Blake Shelton’s team.  It was exciting to see her doing her thing on television in front of millions of people. I’ve been shooting photos of Suzanna for various media outlets for several years but seeing her shine on tonight’s show… Read more »

Music Photography Tips

Suzanna Choffel

Some musician friends of mine were in the Big Apple a couple of weeks ago and I had a chance to drop by for their show at The Living Room on the Lower East Side. Suzanna Choffel, Brad Houser, and Kyle Thompson are well-known in the Austin music scene, but what musician can resist an… Read more »

Portraiture: Side Lighting

Whether it’s boudoir or glamour, an editorial shoot, a band publicity photo, or a product shot, when it comes down to it, it’s all really just portraiture to me.  When I shot the promotional photos for Andrea Marie & The Magnolia Band, it was probably no surprise to them when I asked the members to… Read more »

Chris Masterson, Eleanor Whitmore @ 11th Street Bar

Eleanor Whitmore Chris Masterson Eleanor Whitmore, Ishaq Clayton Photo Notes: For the most part, lighting was static and rather minimal (ok, it was near dark).  However, pushing my Canon 40D to ISO 1600, allowed me to get adequate exposures at f/1.8, 1/60 sec. on my Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM.  The truth is, most of the… Read more »

Amanda Kaletsky at Rockwood Music Hall

Amanda Kaletsky has recently moved to Brooklyn.  Great voice, beautifully written songs.  These shots were taken last night at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, July 11, 2010.  Lens: Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM.

Simple Light, High Impact

I shot this image for Meagan Tubb’s Beautiful Noise CD (2008).  She and her band, Shady People were able to put most of the recording together at Willie Nelson’s studio near Austin, TX after winning a band contest.  The prize consisted of studio time which helped with the budget I imagine.  Meagan’s not one for… Read more »

Richard, Red River

Richard Sanguinetti is a big fan of fallen Tejano star, Selena.  So much so that he’s written several songs dedicated to her memory.  When we shot this, he’d just begun working on a CD project that would to bring these songs together for others to hear.   The location was near Stubb’s on Red River in… Read more »

Stick With Your Natural Style, Anywhere

I’ve always said musicians and actors are the most fun to photograph.  Even if they’re naturally shy people, they know how to turn it on and give you what you need for a good shot.  Performers will go the distance for you.  Seriously,  most of the time, they’ll do anything — even if it sounds… Read more »