Interview with a Model: Cat RoPo

Cat RoPo is a freelance model working in the New York City area. Having worked with Cat a few times, I thought she’d be able to offer some great advice and insight from a model’s perspective.  In this interview, among other topics, we talk about what some models look for when deciding on who to […]


Interview: JimmyD on Location Flash

Ed Verosky interviews Glamour photographer, lighting expert, and the author of five photography eBooks, JimmyD about his latest offering, Location Flash: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits Combining Natural and Artificial Light. Click the play button below to listen. Note: Logged-in Members will hear the extended version of the interview: Here’s a list of some of […]

Copyright Bill Gekas

Interview: Bill Gekas

Bill Gekas is a portrait photographer residing in Melbourne, Australia.  His Old Masters-style portraiture featuring his daughter are skillfully crafted and captivating.  Here, we talk about his tools and methodology, and how he developed his unique style. How did your style come about?  Was it something you envisioned and decided to try to create, or […]


Todd Hido on Excerpts From Silver Meadows

I was at the Strand bookstore last night and opened up Todd Hido’s Excerpts From Silver Meadows.  What an impressive piece of work.  In all honesty, it kind of blew my mind.  See, it’s not any single image that does it, but the presentation, and sequencing of the images really takes you on a strange […]

Interview: Ted Jackson

The Times-Picayune staff photographer Ted Jackson talks about how he approaches his work.  From  Near the end of this interview, Jackson talks about the harder parts of the job; when he sees things during the course of his work that he wishes he never had to see.  It reminded me of Eros Hoagland and […]

Podcast #30: Wedding Photography Tips with Neil van Niekerk

Podcast (Audio only): Podcast on Video: Interview with Neil van Niekerk, a photographer and photography book author who works in and around the NYC area. Lots of example photos in this video. Subscribe to download our podcasts on iTunes. Check out the video and images for this episode and all podcasts at:  YouTube What we talk […]


Podcast #29: Interview with Photographer Joe Asencios

Podcast (Audio only): Podcast on Video: In this episode, an interview with Chicago-based photographer, Joe Asencios. Subscribe to download our podcasts on iTunes. Check out the video and images for this episode and all podcasts at:  YouTube What we talk about: Sacrificing for your photography Joe’s lighting, settings, and post-processing methodology Finding and working with […]


Audio Interviews Ported to YouTube

If you prefer to listen to music, interviews, and other audio files via YouTube, this is for you.  We’re converting most of our podcast interviews to video files and posting them on YouTube.  These are legacy (archive) shows so you’ll notice references to links in the audio that might no longer be in use, but […]


Andrew Stearns: Circles and Other Abstract Photographs

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been captivated by the mystery and power of abstract art,” says Andrew Stearns. “There’s just something about it’s fierce independent nature that intrigues me to no end.” Stearns, currently working out of Austin, Texas, has a way of seeing the amazing patterns in everyday life that many of us […]


Edwin Firminger: Portraits of Heroes and Interesting People

Edwin Firminger is someone I started watching a couple of years ago. Although his technical skills have improved much since then, he’s always had a penchant for doing things in a unique and eye-catching way. As time went on, I noticed his lighting and camera work were catching up to his creativity. His newest images, […]