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Posing Group Portraits


Old-School is Good School Professional photography used to be about a rare kind of craftsmanship. Way before digital, there was film, paper and chemicals, and retouching was done by hand with ink and a brush. Photographic equipment and materials were expensive and every click of the shutter came with a price. A photographer learned how… Read more »

New Issue of FOTOdigital Just Released


Jose Antunes just sent me this.  The latest issue of FOTOdigital is online now. 168 pages about Photography and People. It’s Free! Access more issues of FOTOdigital here >>

Good Links


  Photos, Like Life, Blurred and Re-Envisioned:  After a brain injury, Brian Nice started to see the world differently. My Point of View:  Brian’s blog.

Kodak 1922 Film Test


Thanks to Kim at our Facebook group for bringing this to our attention.  What I like so much about this is not simply the nostalgia, but also the way you get the sense of still and motion at the same time.  Pay attention to the way the light affects the subject.  This makes for a… Read more »

Natural Light Portraiture with JimmyD

Family, weddings, kids, senior/grad portraits, models… if you shoot any of these, you’re going to want this book.  If you currently use flash for everything, you should still get this book.  It will give you the confidence you need to create beautiful work with natural light.  It’s a great bargain, too, just check it out!… Read more »

Good Links: Artists, Documentaries


I watched the documentary, Brief Encounters the other night.  Eye-opening.  Never much of a Gregory Crewdson fan, this film turned me around.  I get it now.  If you get a chance, check it out.  It’s a great look into the creative mind of this photographer.   Another documentary, on artist Wayne White, is one I’d… Read more »

Scott Strazzante, Street Photography


I’ve been following this guy on Instagram for quite some time.  I’m constantly amazed by his work. Scott Strazzante, street photography hero. Here’s a video piece MediaStorm did on Strazzante in 2008 >> Common Groud

Frank Okenfels


Just wanted to share this with you.  There are so many self-proclaimed photo gurus out there pushing their workshops and books and blogs and “critique shows,” but have they really earned the hero-worship bestowed upon them?  That’s for you to decide.  As for me, I’d rather listen to a true artist like Frank Okenfels talk… Read more »