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Anastasia Taylor-Lind in Kiev


When portraiture and social commentary come together like this (see the New York Times photo essay), it’s absolutely fascinating.  A medium format film camera and a light meter, a makeshift outdoor studio, and human beings dealing with a fight for what they believe in, and grief.  Give it up for Anastasia Taylor-Lind. I set up… Read more »

Young Photographers Are Going to Rule

Fire during Hurricane Allen, 1980.

We become photographers for one reason or another. I’d always enjoyed taking snapshots as a child, and when the announcement was made one day at middle-school that they were going to be in need of a photographer, I jumped at the chance. Not as a way to express myself creatively, or contribute something to the… Read more »

Interview: Ted Jackson

The Times-Picayune staff photographer Ted Jackson talks about how he approaches his work.  From  Near the end of this interview, Jackson talks about the harder parts of the job; when he sees things during the course of his work that he wishes he never had to see.  It reminded me of Eros Hoagland and… Read more »

Jolijn Snijders and I Love Fake Magazine

I Love Fake

I came across the latest printed issue of I Love Fake magazine the other day.  Big, thick, and instantly addicting, this brainchild of photographer Jolijn Snijders is visually exciting and I even read a little of the text.  Although I haven’t found it at any of the newsstands in my neighborhood, at least one single… Read more »

The Right Camera for Terry Richardson?


Readers occasionally write in and ask for specifics about the camera, lens and settings I used for a particular shot.  Sometimes they want to know exactly how far from the subject I was when I took the photo, what the sensor size was, and whether or not I cropped the image after the fact.  At… Read more »

Watermarks For Photos?


I received a question from one of our newsletter readers about watermarking (we’ll use the word “watermarking” here when we talk about digitally overlaying some conspicuous logo or text on an image).  She asked if she should sign, or put her logo on her portrait and larger artistic prints, and if she should use watermarks… Read more »

Anatomy of an Editorial Shoot

If you’re a long-time follower, you know I love to work with performing artists. Actors and dancers can be lots of fun. With musicians, it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes you get the really self-conscious, withdrawn, need-to-be-drunk for anything types. Other times, you get lucky. Here’s one where I considered myself fortunate. Follow That Bird were… Read more »

Editorial Shoot: Nightclub

Editorial shoots can be lots of fun.  Especially when your subjects are willing to have fun with the process.  Because time and budgets are generally limited, I try to go in with as little gear as possible and get as many different shots as I can in 15-30 mins. One assignment was to photograph Randall… Read more »