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The other day I placed an on-line order with for a couple of canvases. I ordered a 16×20 and a 20×30 (thin wrap style, but there are several other options) and they just arrived. Thumbs-up to them for a painless ordering process, good packaging (see video below), and quality work.

These pieces were actually produced using techniques I learned from my coursework with the Photoshop Artistry course. I have to say, I’m very pleased with the end results. I can really see how learning from the course and creating these beautiful canvas art pieces is a great way to make gifts for family and friends. It’s also pretty easy to see that this type of product would be something enticing to clients; offering artistic renditions of portraiture as wall art, or in albums, could be a real profit-booster.

You might already know, I’ve been extremely impressed with this course ever since I was approached by the author to promote it. My goal is to bring you the best learning materials I can find, and this certainly meets that criteria. You can learn more about the course at this link.  I’ve also uploaded my video recommendation just yesterday (see below).

These posts will show you how I put together the art pieces I mentioned here:

Below are some detail shots of the product.

hardwareWall-hanging hardware.


cornersCanvas corners and fasteners.


canvas-textureCanvas surface texture.

Check out: Photoshop Artistry: Fine-Art Grunge Composition for more info.


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  • Charlene Maginn March 13, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Thanks so much Ed for introducing me to the Photo artistry course. I am completely blown away by how much I have learned in such a short time!!! Like you said, I had used photoshop before, but not in this way. I am grateful for your recommendation and I will definitely NOT be asking for my money back. It is far greater than I could have imagined. And yes, Sebastian is a great instructor and his shortcuts etc have made me quite efficient at making my photo art! His large group of free backgrounds, edges and frames etc and his great ideas have spun an endless stream of ideas for myself. People are highly complimenting the projects I have completed so far. Thanks again for the recommendation – I am so grateful to have found the course.

    P.S. Your canvasses turned out GREAT!!!

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