About-Photography Podcast #24: Luke Copping


Commercial Portraiture with Luke Copping.  Luke Copping is a portrait, beauty, and commercial photographer based in Buffalo, NY.   He is also the Chapter President of ASMP Western New York
www.asmp.org.  We talk about his work and views on the industry. Subscribe to download our podcasts on iTunes.

What we talk about:

  • Where does Luke’s inspiration come from?
  • Luke’s blog and his Personal Records feature
  • The “low barrier to entry” in photography
  • Various personal and other projects
  • Defined styles
  • Does type of gear matter, even in commercial work?
  • How to stay competitive in the photography industry
  • Why do personal projects matter?

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Photos by Luke Copping:


Lydia Dominick


Wall outside Luke's studio


Personal Record image





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