Learn Amazing Photoshop Skills

Here’s a great course being offered today at an incredible DISCOUNT price. These premium Photoshop tutorials will take your photos from ordinary to high-impact. Click here for full description. Note:  I announced this course just a few days ago, and it’s already a huge hit with my readers!  Curious about how to improve your images […]

Making Money With Your Camera

Get a Competitive Edge My first high-paying photography job was event photographer for a sorority organization. I was 16-years-old. I made enough money to cover my expenses, purchase some new equipment, and have some extra cash. That’s how I learned that being an event photographer could be financially rewarding.  The keys to making it work?  […]


New Photo Art Course for iPhone and iPad

Perfect for creative photographers. iPhoneography Photo Art Composition by Bob Weil is a workshop-style course that teaches you everything you need to know to create great art on your mobile device. Get This Today for 50% Off! >> I started taking this course yesterday and I’m loving it already.


Anastasia Taylor-Lind in Kiev

When portraiture and social commentary come together like this (see the New York Times photo essay), it’s absolutely fascinating.  A medium format film camera and a light meter, a makeshift outdoor studio, and human beings dealing with a fight for what they believe in, and grief.  Give it up for Anastasia Taylor-Lind. I set up […]


Night Photography Tips

I received a question about night photography the other day, and thought I’d throw it over to Jeff Kauffman to get his take on it.  I asked if he could provide a few examples and explanations of his process. Here’s what he had to say: The first challenge is getting a proper exposure. The technique […]


David Lykes Keenan and Street Photography

David Lykes Keenan is crowdfunding on Kickstarter for his new book, Fair Witness – Street Photography for the 21st Century. Take a look at his video, which includes some great comments by Eli Reed, for more info.


Sarah Small and the Power of Connections

I talk a lot about how photography gives us the opportunity to connect with the world around us in ways we might not otherwise be able to, or be comfortable with.  NYC-based artist/photographer, Sarah Small found such a connection in her friend and model, Sandy.  Sarah sent out a note today, informing her mailing list […]


Download All Eight Issues of this Photography Magazine, 75% OFF!

Michael Zelbel and his editorial team have decided to celebrate the two year anniversary of Good Light! Magazine with this special offer. As the name suggests, it deals with lighting techniques (most of them using standard flash units).  You get eight big issues loaded with valuable photography tips for only $9.95 (that’s less than $1.25 […]


New Studio Lighting Guide

If you’re interested in lighting for professional-quality glamour or nude photos, Essentials: Studio Lighting for Nude Photography (NSFW) by Dan Hostettler is definitely going to put you on the fast-track. It’s about 280 pages jam-packed with great lighting techniques and hundreds of illustrations (photos, 3D-style diagrams, etc.). It’s impressive. Looking for a good way to […]


Simple, Effective Mounting Accessory for Lights, Mics, and Cameras

  Ian Pack, creator of the Gel Clip, has come out with a new gear accessory that might make your next photo shoot a little easier; the 1420 VAL Spigot.  This is a threaded stud connector (like you’d find on the end of a light stand) that is capable of attaching to the end of […]